Digital Illumination

A respectable facade of a town hall, the pediment of a cathedral, the decorated façade of a beautiful building, a square, a street or an avenue … The architectural heritage of a city, even if it is small, is as often as rich as it is poorly developed. Digital light is the solution brought by WHATSIT; it creates the connection between the intrinsic power of architecture and the taste of the public for multimedia. While observing the constraints in terms of energy consumption, light pollution, maintenance etc., we can offer a new look, a new identity, to all historic buildings. The digital light does not come into physical contact with the building, so there is no risk of disturbing the architecture.

A building that may attract only a passing interest during day can become a real attraction at the heart of urban nightlife, may even become a new tourist hub. Thanks to Digital Illumination, new interactions and a new relationship between the public and the heritage are being created.