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Cinema is not the only entertainment medium to have benefited from the explosion of digital technologies: the living arts are also undergoing a multimedia revolution. Today, the façade of any building can appear to come to life, and become the canvas of a show in which its architectural features can be transformed, even animated, through the magic of video mapping. Farewell light bulbs and lighting from another time: ``digital light`` brings heritage and the global urban landscape into a new era of dynamic visual transformation.

WHATSIT was born to support and set up any project related to video mapping. With long experience in the implementation of digital devices, we offer consulting services that concern both the scenography and the latest technologies in digital light. Because such projects are at the crossover of many different crafts and skills, we also develop systems that allow all these distinct technological and artistic disciplines to communicate effectively, to interact seamlessly, to design, implement and deliver a visual experience of the highest quality. Fiat lux!


1 Consulting

The conductor of an orchestra does much more than dress in tails and wave his wand on the night of the performance: He is the one who, for weeks or even months, directs the rehearsals, orients the musicians, and brings his expertise and vision to the music. This is exactly how we consider our consulting business. After an initial phase, during which we analyse, on site, the content and scope of the project, we propose the best technical solutions. As these solutions involve many operators, we also play an accompanying role in project management. Finally, we are able to create specific tools to simulate, and therefore greatly facilitate, the entire process of technical implementation.

2 Showviz

How to realise what a complex project will be before D-Day? It goes without saying that we can not give the green light to a large-scale event without first having rehearsals, making adjustments, and ensuring the smooth running of the show when the time comes. However, the larger the project the more complex and difficult these rehearsals can be: they mobilise people, resources and time, while taking care to ensure that the element of surprise is maintained. It is for this reason that we have developed a collaborative platform, accessible to all project stakeholders, which allows pre-visualization of installations. Recent advances in virtual reality and augmented reality have made this implementation possible; thanks to them, it is possible to observe, in real time, how the 
individual elements of the project affect each other. Rehearsals can be tedious and time-consuming, involving the integration of several disparate technologies. Used upstream, Showviz simplifies and optimizes the design period and provides reassurance about the viability of the project.


Our services are intended for both private and public producers of entertainment and events. We support all the actors and technical service providers, but our expertise also extends to the artistic dimension of the project; we also work closely with lighting designers, architects and scenographers.



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